Rules & Waiver


Rules and Regulations

  • All participants must sign a waiver before entering the facility. Participants 17 years of age and under must have waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • All participants must wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads at all times while inside the facility.
  • Skateboards, BMX, MTB, Inline and Scooters are allowed. All sessions are mixed – everyone is allowed to use the park simultaneously.
  • No Smoking, of any kind, is allowed in San Jose Parks.
  • No alcohol is allowed in the skate park, parking lot or pathways.
  • For participants’ safety, LCRSP will be closed to the public during wet and rainy weather. Please call the park at (408) 794-7574 in advance if you are unsure about the current local weather conditions.


Liability Waiver

We have upgraded our membership system and are updating ALL of our waivers on file with this NEW WAIVER (as of 9-1-16). Please print this waiver out and bring it with you to the skate park.

 Skate Park Waiver