Park Tour


Bike Park

The Bike Park is 8.5 acres and is comprised of 7 diverse riding zones to challenges riders of all skill levels.

Dual Slalom Track
Race your friend side by side down the dual slalom track.


Beginner Pump Track
This Pump Track is deigned for children as young as 1.5 years old.  Hone in your skills on this oval track featuring rollers, berms and tw double roller berms.


Advanced Pump Track
This Pump Track has numerous line options and challenges everyone from beginners through advanced riders.


Dirt Jump Zone
An 8 pack of tabletop dirt jumps awaits you. Progress your skills through from small through x-large as all jumps are table tops and you can roll over all of them.


Slopestyle Zone
The Slopestyle Zone is designed for Intermediate through Advanced riders to catch air and thrown down some tricks.  This zone also features the 4 pack of  successive wall rides.


Skills Trail
The skills trail will encircle the bike park and will feature many riding obstacles including rock gardens, sand pits, wooden riding features and more.


Drop Zone
Test your guts in the Drop Zone and progress your dropping abilities. Pick the 1.5,  3, or 5 foot drop off and take the plunge!



California’s Largest Skate Park

  • World Largest Full Pipe
  • World’s Largest Cradle
  • World’s Tallest Vert Wall
  • Street Course
  • Skull Bowl
  • Multi Bowl
  • Travelodge Bowl
  • Olympic Bowl
  • Thimble
  • Box Jump
  • Boxes, rails, and more!

World’s Largest Full Pipe




Competition Skull Bowl


Mini Bowls & Puddles


Street Course



World’s Largest Vert Wall & Cradle






Travelodge Bowl