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Skating – Lake Cunningham Action Sports Park

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Triple Threat – Scooters, BMX and Skate Coming November 4, 2012

Category : BMX , Contest , Scooters , Skating

Scooters, BMX, Skate - Sunday, November 4, 2012

Be part of Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park’s Triple Threat. Built your own teams comprised of one of each – scooter, BMX and skate! Compete against other teams and share a $300 prize!

Choose your teams on or before the day of the event on November 4, 2012.

Read the official rules to learn more!

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From a Place Far, Far, Away

By Mechele Stolar

Receiving guests from far away lands is always exciting for the staff at Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park (LCRSP).  Hearing the accents, learning about other cultures and listening to stories, are things we thoroughly enjoy. With the Park’s growing popularity, the number of foreign zip codes has been increasing.  Israel, Europe, and China have been the farthest and it has been quite exciting to learn people are hearing about LCRSP from such a distance.

Typically, international guests are either families who are visiting on business or followers of BMX and skateboarding.  They come here to enhance their skills or test them by carving down the world’s largest Full Pipe, shredding up and down the tallest Vert Wall or attempting an over-vert inside the largest Cradle. Getting a glimpse of our local legends Steve Caballero, Jeff “Ffej” Hedges and Ron Wilkerson rippin’ it up with their friends and family, doing what they love most in the Skull bowl, is a major bonus.

So it was quite a fun surprise for us at LCRSP when four happy, hyper, California summer weather loving children rode in speaking with accents from yet another foreign land.  As their waivers were filled out we learned just how far they had come.  This time, it was not just far away.  It was not even far, far away.  It was faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away, where lions roar, zebras run, and hippopotamuses snort.  In some areas the sun blazes hotter than one hundred and twenty degrees without mercy, and whining is not allowed.  Black mambas, spitting giraffes and the six-eyed sand spider are considered friendly locals.  The ever alluring, immortalized land of secrets, adventures and heartache, is their home.  Africa.

Very quickly we realized we were experiencing something special.  None of them had ever skated before, but all four knew how to ride a bike.  Their parents found LCRSP on the internet and, on a whim they signed them up for lessons.  But it was their silliness, effort and constant energy that won the staff over.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Africa, is where Domilola (Domi) (9), Tobi, (6) and Mitchel (6) live.  They gathered for a family vacation in San Jose, California, home to Josh (7), a cousin from their father’s side.  Domi and Tobi are siblings, while Mitchel is a cousin from their mother’s side of the family.  Domi, is a very direct, fearless, lioness, who is clearly the boss in any given situation. Her quick wit and sharp tongue kept her brother and cousins in line all week as they learned to BMX and skateboard under the direction of Nick Valencia and Skate Park Supervisor, Andrew Helms.  Tobi, her younger brother, is the tough one, probably from practice of having such a feisty older sister. Josh, is the not-so-tough one who needed constant encouragement and a few hugs every time he fell.  Mitchel is the mediator, always trying to make things calm when young tempers flared.

Eager to learn and never still, they tore through LCRSP like they owned the place, and as Recreation Leader, Nick Valencia, puts it, “They’re their own little Nigerian skate team,” as they learned to carve, drop-in to the mini bowls and bunny hop around the park.   “They have fantastic athleticism,” Recreation Leader, Benjamin Little, remarked as they learned tricks quickly.   Josh accidentally managed to do a Rock-to-Fakie, originally intending to drop-in.  Tobi, fell several times, once landing hard on his stomach.  Not a tear was shed, nor did he complain.   Instead he gave us a “thumbs up” sign, showing he was fine.

The family also managed to rename a few things. The world’s largest Full Pipe was newly titled “The Cave”. Andrew can now add the moniker, Coach, to his list of Drew, Dude and Bro nicknames. Personally, I think their best addition is their use of the term “person”.  Instead of saying “Look out, step up,” or “Yo Dude, I’m going,” this foursome used the term “PERSON!” which they yelled loud enough for the geese across the lake to hear.  When it is shouted by a three-foot-two Nigerian boy, it’s a bit like “Coach, move outtada way, I’m going down da Cave now, PERSON!!!” and the towering six-foot-four Coach, kindly obliged with a grin on his face.

Lunch was an awesome way to get to know the kids, as Myles Solanoy, a fellow camper learned. “They eat a lot of different rice.”   Between turning Coach into a massaging chair and bites of their hot dogs, we learned what they love to eat.

One dish in particular is Domi’s favorite.  With her accent it sounded like she was saying, Jell-O-fries, which when repeated back to her, she burst into laughter. “Jell-O fries?  What are Jell-O fries?  Would Jell-O and fries even taste good?” After spelling it for us, we learned it is Jollof Rice, a scrumptious sounding spicy and orange-colored chicken and rice dish.  As for the boys, Mitchel’s favorite food is hot dogs, Josh likes bacon and sausage and, Tobi, well, he apparently loves pancakes. He jumped up and down about them They all share a hankering for citrus, their favorite drinks are Fanta, Sunny D, and Pink Lemonade.  No one owns an exotic pet.  No cobras exist in their bedrooms or hyenas in the back yard.  They do, however, like to play pranks on each other. They don’t like putting toys away. They eat as fast as they can because the last person has to clean the table. They now know who Tony Hawk is because “he is on the poster,” referring to the one from the Birdhouse Tour.

“They are funny kids from halfway around the world, ripping and shredding.  It’s fun to have some kids from a completely different world at the park. I’ve learned a lot from them.”  Nicely put, Coach.

It is indeed incredibly endearing to watch a group of kids who know nothing about the skateboarding or BMX culture, come to LCRSP and fully immerse themselves into it, making it their own.  Moments like this make LCRSP a special place. We get to meet extraordinary people every day and have fun at the same time.  The nearest skate park in Port Harcourt is about half an hour away from where Domi, Tobi, and Mitchel, live. They do plan to continue skating, once they can agree on a board.


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Press Release: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD presents Birdhouse Left Coast Tour

Yup – Tony Hawk and his Birdhouse Skateboards team will be coming to San Jose on July 15! The demo starts at 2pm. I recommend getting there early.



Vista, CA (June 20, 2012) –Tony Hawk and his Birdhouse Skateboards team are kicking off the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD presents Birdhouse Left Coast Tour powered by Tech Deck on July 14th, 2012 at the Santa Clarita Skatepark in Santa Clarita, CA.  The annual Birdhouse Summer tour gives fans a great opportunity to come out and see some of the best that skateboarding has to offer at many of the finest skateparks on the West Coast. In addition to great street skating demos, Tony and the vert crew will be performing a spectacular halfpipe event at the Sacramento State Fair on Monday, July 16th.

This year’s line-up includes skateboarding legends Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab and Willy Santos, along with an amazing crew of Birdhouse team members, including Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Shawn Hale, Clint Walker, David Loy, Shaun Gregoire, Clive Dixon, Michael Davis and Elliot Sloan. The halfpipe event will also feature guest appearances by Mitchie Brusco, Neal Hendrix, and Lincoln Ueda.

“It’s been awhile since the Birdhouse crew toured the West Coast,” said Tony Hawk of the tour. “I’m looking forward to checking out some of the great skateparks of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.”

In addition to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD and Tech Deck, tour sponsors include Quiksilver, Nixon, YoYoFactory®, olloclip iPhoto lens, Ride Channel and the truth® youth smoking prevention campaign. Sponsors will be participating at tour stops with promotions, giveaways, entertainment and product demos. Activision’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD on Xbox 360 will be playable to the public.

2012 Tour Schedule

Saturday, July 14 Santa Clarita, CA Santa Clarita Skatepark
Sunday, July 15 San Jose, CA Lake Cunningham Skatepark
Monday, July 16 Sacramento, CA Sacramento State Fair Grandstands
Wednesday, July 18 Truckee, Lake Tahoe, NV Woodward Tahoe
Saturday, July 21 Grants Pass, OR Grants Pass Skatepark
Tuesday, July 24 Spokane, WA Hillyard Skatepark
Thursday, July 26 Seattle, WA Jefferson Skatepark
Saturday, July 28 Vancouver, BC Hastings Skatepark

For demo times and details go to http://birdhouseskateboards.com

For Twitter updates go to http://twitter.com/tonyhawk

About Birdhouse Skateboards

Birdhouse Skateboards was founded in 1992. Tony Hawk became sole owner of the company in 2009 and refocused Birdhouse’s image and branding to reflect its incredible team of riders. Birdhouse has been prominently featured in the Tony Hawk video game franchise since 1999 and has become an international iconic brand. The company distributes and licenses skateboards and skateboard accessories worldwide, with products designed to cover all ability levels. For more about Birdhouse Skateboards, go to www.birdhouseskateboards.com.

TONY HAWK MEDIA CONTACT: Sarah Hall — sarah@shpny.com

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Lake Cunningham Skatepark – Top 10 Skateparks in the World – Red Bull UK


Lake Cunningham Skatepark named in Top 10 Skateparks in the world in Red Bull UK blog. Cool.

Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park is another enormous mother of a park and you guessed it, it’s in the States. Damn you, America for being so far away and so blessed with so many great skateparks! Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark is another blissfully smooth oasis and curves, banks and coping and as it’s in California, you’re more likely to be able to ride it than if it was in the UK.

Check the full article! 

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St. Patrick’s Skate / BMX Jam Cancelled

Category : BMX , Contest , Events , Skating

Bad news again you guys. I’ve been told the skate and BMX jam has been called off due to rain.

Stay tuned for more info as it arrives.

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St. Patrick’s Day Skate/BMX Jam Rescheduled!

The St. Patrick’s Day Skate/BMX Jam has been postponed till next Saturday March 24th due to the rainy weather we are expecting this Saturday. Please spread the word that we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day a week late at LCRSP!!! We will have a bunch of great raffle and silent auction prizes including artwork done by local artist’s, a one of a kind signed Duane Peters skateboard, and a chance to win a meet and greet with Tony Hawk this summer during the 2012 Birdhouse tour! Come on out!


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Sorry kids. I’ve got good news and some bad news.

First the bad news :cry: due to the bad weather we’re expecting this weekend we have to cancel the St. Patricks Skate/BMX Jam. Yeah, I know.

Now the good news :grin:  we’re working an a new date. We’ll update you all as soon as we can. We hope you can still join us!


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St. Patricks Skate and BMX Jam!

Coming Saturday, March 17, 2012! Registration starts at 10 am, contest begins at 11 am. $10 registration fee. All ages welcome!

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Nice mini-bowl run!

This is from the WOMEN SKATE IT UP contest on January 28, 2010.  Patty Fung skating.


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Miss the Womens Skate It Up 2012 at LCRP?

Here are some highlights courtesy of Evelyn Abad!

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LCRP to remain open and staffed through 2012 – efforts of SOS not unnoticed

SOS and it’s efforts haven’t been unnoticed by various media. From local news outlets like KTVU and The San Jose Mercury News and nationally through ESPN our work is being recognized!

Check out the article from ESPN featuring the South Bay’s own legendary Steve Caballero! “Cab” nails it when describing why it’s important to keep the park staffed.

To those who have supported us through your involvement, your generous donations and  sponsorship as well as the support and work of San Jose’s District 8 Council Member Rose Herrera, thank you! This success ripples throughout the valley and beyond!

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Sk8 Patricks Day Skate and BMX Jam in March 2012

Sk8 Patricks Day Skate / BMX Jam!

SAVE THE DATE! Support Our Skatepark (SOS) and PRNS present Sk8 Patricks Day Skate / BMX Jam on March 17, 2012 at Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park.

We’re looking for sponsors for this incredible event. To take part, contact Andrew Helms at LCRP.