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Brotherly Love

I had the privilege to open the Lake Cunningham Skate Park on Thursday, and within the first hour, I witnessed a brotherly bond between the Martinez brothers, I hadn’t seen before. Typically I work the closing shift, so by the time I arrive, the Wolf Pack (Mason, Harry, Dylan, Jacob, Brody, Angel and the Martinez Brothers) has already gathered and are shredding it up in the mini bowls. They are fully charged on Arizona Tea, Sour Patch candy and adrenaline. Their snarky wit rolls off their tongues, faster than their wheels spin and I have to chase after Michael to put his pads on because he’s too cool for them, or fend off Ranferris’ flirtatious charm, as he tries to flirt his way into getting free candy, and chips, to no avail. After a bit of fending off Prince Charming, and chasing after Mr. Rebel Without a Cause, I jokingly refer to them as, the Menendez brothers. They are teenagers testing boundaries, seeing what they can get away with. I know I will forgive them, once they go home.

Like clockwork on Thursday, the Martinez brothers arrived early, and were the only ones in the mini bowls. At first, I thought Michael had injured himself. He was sitting on the side, watching Ranferris. About to check on him, I stopped in the doorway when I heard “Rock and Roll! Do it again…. Rock and Roll! Now the nose!”

Ranferris tried to jump his skateboard, bailed in mid air, and landed on his feet. Once he looked up, he saw me watching and waved. They were fine. Michael was teaching his younger brother how to do a few tricks. Like a coach, he called out the moves, over and over as Ranferris jumped and bailed. The two of them reconvened after each trick. “No, you’re forcing it. Do it like this!” and Michael would show him how to let the speed of the skateboard force him into the air. With no one else around, they were fascinating to watch. The Martinez brothers are two people who are completely opposite in personality, but the best of brothers. When they are skateboarding they have complete trust in each other, both as skateboarders, and as brothers. They don’t fight or bicker and I didn’t hear one complaint from Ranferris as he was being coached, only a brotherly “Thank you, Michael!” which tugged on my heartstrings.

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